Residential Shrub & Tree Care: Health Inspection, Fertilization, Disease Treatment & Other Tree Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Lawn Doctor's Colorado Springs programs keep unsightly disease or damage due to an infestation from insects from threatening the splendor of your timber. Our environmentally friendly treatments will prevent your plants from becoming infected and help rehabilitate stressed trees and shrubs. Our residential tree service services are performed without the use of dangerous chemicals that endanger children and pets living in your Colorado Springs home. With every Lawn Doctor service, we guarantee satisfaction, so you do not have to worry about subpar home shrub care. Contact us and reserve one of our technicians to give your Colorado Springs property the quality residential tree service it deserves.

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Residential Tree Look after Diseases in Colorado Springs

Lawn Doctor is passionate about offering quality residential tree care applications to Colorado Springs homes. We are devoted not merely to keeping them strong and secure from disease, but also to using products that do not impact the environment. We help fight diseases with treatment plans that lessen synthetic materials by 50 percent. Let us help keep your Colorado Springs property’s timber looking beautiful without having to worry about harmful chemicals.

Residential Tree Care for Colorado Springs Homes

Harmful illnesses can ruin the luscious and beautiful trees and shrubs in your yard. With proper home tree service, you can enhance the quality of your air, get some energy-saving shade, and raise the value of your Colorado Springs property. But if your shrubs and trees get sick, all those benefits can be taken away. Contact Lawn Doctor today and obtain the preventative residential tree services for your Colorado Springs lawn to halt the spread of disease and bugs.

Choice Residential Shrub Service in Colorado Springs

Ever since 1972, Lawn Doctor has been helping to prevent the spread of diseases contracted from insects, birds, animals, and the wind. With our residential shrub care services, we will determine and apply the appropriate treatment options to the foliage in your Colorado Springs yard. Our residential shrub services are unique to each client because no one client will have the same foliage, along with exposure to diseases and other pests. Our technicians will take the property steps essential to keep your lawn healthful from disease and infestations, so when in doubt, call Lawn Doctor!

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Be sure to give us a call here at Lawn Doctor for all your lawn care and pest control needs. We believe that every residential and commercial property should have the best care available to them, which is why we provide year-round service to the Colorado Springs, CO area. We have made it our mission to provide premium landscape services throughout Colorado Springs, CO. No job is too large or too small. So, if you are looking for naturally based pest control treatments, or want an entirely new lawn, talk to us today!