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Ash Borer Insect Treatment for Trees in Denver, CO

Ash borer insects are one of the largest threats facing trees in Denver. Making its first appearance here in 2013, the woodboring species has wasted no time destroying ash trees. They lay their eggs in its bark, devouring the tree as they hatch. Don't let your trees in Denver fall victim to this pest. Lawn Doctor's ash borer treatment helps prevent and fight against the invasive bugs. We employ innovative methods to keep the beetle away and recover affected areas.

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Protect Trees With Ash Borer Treatments

Lawn Doctor's tree service aims to give preventative treatment, so your plants don't suffer from the pervasive beetle. According to scientists about one in every five trees in Denver is currently at risk from ash borers, so it's more important than ever to protect the area's trees. Lawn Doctor has experts on staff in Denver to try and stop an issue before it begins using a rigorous care program, where we apply annual soil injections to keep the bugs from forming an infestation. After, we'll prevent problems from occurring in the future by using a topical protective spray twice per year. Every product used in our ash borer treatments is eco-friendly to give our clients results with peace of mind.

Saving Infected Trees in Denver

The aggressive ash borer has taken trees in the Denver area by storm in just the few short years since discovery here. Because it is a non-native species, they have no predators to keep them in check, and have thus devasted millions of ash trees in North America. However, you don't have to give up hope on your infected trees. Through the work of our Denver tree service, we've saved trees that were up to 40 percent destroyed. Lawn Doctor's treatments will stop the spread of ash borers and help ash trees in Denver get back to a healthy status.

Trusted Choice for Tree and Shrub Care

If you've already noticed damage from ash borers or are concerned about the health of your trees, call Lawn Doctor in Denver. Operating in Colorado since 1972, we have all the options at our disposal to address this epidemic facing ash trees. We are a local company whose employees live in the same neighborhoods we work in, so we care about Denver's trees as much as you do. Our treatments come with excellent customer service and at competitive pricing.

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