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Commercial Shrub & Tree Care in Colorado Springs, CO

Lawn Doctor has served several different types of commercial businesses in Colorado Springs with our quality tree services. Throughout our commercial tree care services, we will work to keep your trees healthy and looking beautiful, providing a positive and uplifting first impression to your Colorado Springs customers. Business owners are busy enough as it is, let us take care of your trees and shrubs so that you can focus on what’s really important to your business. Our experts will ensure that your trees and shrubs are growing as strong and beautiful as they should.

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Fertilization: Feeding Your Colorado Springs Trees and Shrubs

As part of our Colorado Springs tree services, Lawn Doctor will make sure your trees are properly fertilized. This is typically done once a year for trees and shrubs, replenishing the nutrients in the soil that they need to thrive in the Colorado Springs climate. This process also introduces microbes into the soil that redistribute the nutrients and enhance the ability of the trees and shrubs to absorb said nutrients. In this way, it will keep your trees and shrubs vibrant and healthy, creating the best possible first impression for your customers.

Insect Treatment: Keeping the Bugs from Your Colorado Springs Trees and Shrubs

Insect prevention is a huge part of Colorado Springs commercial tree care. Insects can cause your trees to look ragged and get sick. When we spray your Colorado Springs trees and shrubs as part of our tree services, we are guarding against insects that could ruin the look of your trees and damage the first impression your Colorado Springs customers have. Let us maintain the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs by keeping the pests away.

Disease Treatment for Your Colorado Springs Trees and Shrubs

Disease treatment goes hand-in-hand with insect treatment. As we protect your Colorado Springs trees and shrubs from insects, our tree care experts will also check for other diseases and handle them appropriately. During the course of your Colorado Springs commercial tree care, we may also recommend one of our additional treatments which specializes in things like deep watering and borer treatments. These treatments target specific problems with your trees and shrubs and will be recommended depending on the status of your trees and shrubs.

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