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Healthy, well-maintained trees and shrubs enrich soil and improve air quality. It’s important to take good care of these plantings with proper maintenance, which includes fertilization. Trees can be an important investment for any homeowner. It’s imperative to keep trees healthy to prevent disease. At Westminster’s Lawn Doctor, we offer tree disease treatment. Fertilization and application of micronutrients can keep trees thriving throughout the year. The tree experts at Lawn Doctor can identify any symptoms of disease your trees and shrubs might have so that we can dispense proper treatment immediately.

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Tree Service for Westminster Helps with Tree Disease Control

Fertilization assists plants in growing. It also helps trees to resist disease and insects naturally. Root rot and fungus are some common ailments that befall trees. Sometimes, trees can suffer from an iron deficiency, as well as micronutrient deficiencies. These deficiencies can occur when nutrients in the soil are depleted or PH levels are alkaline. Lime is major component of this condition. Lime from gravel or cement can infect the soil. Alkaline soils are common in Colorado, where limestone is abundant. Sometimes, lime can benefit your yard and plantings, however. The tree disease control professionals at Lawn Doctor in Westminster can help trees with iron deficiency and allow them to flourish once more.

Lawn Doctor Offers Tree Disease Treatment in Westminster

In Westminster, evergreen trees are common. Sometimes, evergreens can develop a tree disease known as needlecast. This is a fungal disease that can infect a variety of evergreen trees, like spruce and pine. When the disease is prevalent, brown or black spots will appear on new needle growth. Severely infected branches can die. The spread of this disease often occurs at the base of the tree and moves upward. Proper fertilization can fight against the onset of needlecast. The tree service professionals at Lawn Doctor can help restore your evergreen trees after a bout of needlecast and implement tree disease control methods.

Tree Service Serves Westminster Area

No matter what ailment has befallen your tree, whether it’s an iron deficiency, needlecast, or one of the many other fungal diseases a tree can contract, call the tree service experts at Lawn Doctor. We can offer the best products for tree disease treatment in the Westminster area. Our team knows how to identify various diseases and can suggest a proper course of action to help trees heal. No matter if it involves pruning or product distribution, our crew can help. Your tree can survive the onset of disease, and thrive, with the help of the tree disease control experts at Lawn Doctor.

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