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Mosquito Control & Exterminator in Thornton, CO

You’ll find mosquitos almost everywhere around Thornton. They love marshes, tall grasses and weeds, but are attracted to anywhere that is wet part of the year—they need water to complete their life-cycles. Though they don’t develop in grasses or shrubbery, adults will often rest there during daylight hours. Only female mosquitos bite and are attracted to the heat and carbon dioxide put out by hosts like humans, mammals and birds. Our pest control experts get them off your property.

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Dangers of Thornton Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are known to carry human-transmittable illnesses like Western equine encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, West Nile, Zika, chikungunya and others. Some of the illnesses don’t have prevention or treatment vaccines, leaving mosquito eradication from your Thornton property as the best combatant. Our mosquito removal experts and exterminators are trained to find mosquitos nesting on your property and eliminate them. Then we have maintenance programs to keep them away, so you can enjoy your property without these pests competing for space.

Thornton Exterminators Oust Mosquitoes

Our mosquito control experts first assess your Thornton property to see if and where mosquito nesting and breeding might be present. Then we implement our Yard Armour mosquito removal program to target the mosquitoes on your property and wipe them out. Once they are gone, we use a maintenance program to ensure that they will stay away. The more we disrupt their breeding cycles, the fewer there will be around to disrupt or harm your family, loved ones, and neighbors.

Specialty Mosquito Control Services in Thornton

Lawn Doctor’s mosquito removal and mosquito control services offer natural options, and special protection for outdoor events in Thornton. We have a wide array of natural mosquito prevention options and would love to sit down and draw up a plan to use them around your property. If you have an upcoming event like an outdoor cookout, birthday party, wedding or family reunion at your house, we can keep pests away by shielding areas of your lawn where your guests will be hanging out.

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Lawn Doctor, our lawn care company in Thornton is ready for all your lawn, shrub, tree and pest control needs, regardless if the property is residential or commercial. We send an expert out to assess your property. No two properties require the same plan, so we customize an action plan specific to your landscape needs. Then for minimal effort and low cost on your end, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a healthy looking and lush landscape. Contact us today, and we’ll get started.