Power Seeding for Lawns in Thornton, CO

The bare, bald, and thinning spots in your lawn in Thornton are unsightly. Our technicians first analyze your existing grass and come up with a mix of seeds to match what’s already there. Then it is time for lawn seeding, for that we use our power seeder. The name says it all! It sows the seeds into the soil without damaging the existing grass. Seeds require soil contact to grow, so our sowing of the seeds directly into soil guarantees great results.

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Why Our Lawn Care Service in Thornton Uses Power Seeding

Power seeding is amazingly efficient in delivering results. Typical grass seeding is called broadcast seeding, where the seeds are spread out over the lawn. Broadcast lawn seeding has a germination rate of under 10%. Power seeding sows the seeds into the soil, our machine can put in 5,000 seeds per square foot. Power seeding has a germination rate of over 90%, making it the most efficient method to fill in those spots in the lawn. The resulting green and healthy lawns speak for themselves.

Our Grass Seeding Experts Use Our Own Proprietary Equipment in Thornton

Lawn Doctor is a lawn care in Thornton that was initially impressed with power seeding and the results it offered. We figured out that we could make our own equipment and make our grass seeding better than anything else that was available, which we did, and it is. Our proprietary Turf Tamer power seeding equipment is only available to our technicians. Lawn Doctor goes through extensive training to master the equipment. The fuller, thicker lawns we leave in our wake is testament to our skill and mastery.

Respected Lawn Care Company in Thornton Combines Lawn Seeding and Aeration

Aeration breaks the compacted soil and grass thatch on the surface to allow nutrients, air and water to reach your lawn’s roots. Grass seeding fills in thinning and overstressed areas of your lawn. Combining the two will make your lawn the envy of your Thornton neighborhood, the results are that good. If they are performed in the late summer or early fall, the results are even better. Our grass seeding experts are ready to bring your lawn to optimal health.

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Lawn Doctor, our lawn care company in Thornton, is ready for all your lawn, shrub, tree and pest control needs, regardless if the property is residential or commercial. We send an expert out to assess your property. No two properties require the same plan, so we customize an action plan specific to your landscape needs. Then for minimal effort and low cost on your end, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a healthy looking and lush landscape. Contact us today, and we’ll get started.