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Lawn Care Services: Residential & Commercial Lawn Seeding, Fertilization & More in Thornton, CO

Who doesn’t appreciate the appeal of a green, lush, and healthy lawn? It can be enjoyed during cookouts or other family gatherings, but there is a pride in the simple passing glance as you drive home from work. Lawn care is notoriously difficult work, maximum effort for minimum payout. That’s exactly why Lawn Doctor, our lawn care company was founded. We know how to do it right and give you a lawn care service in Thornton that you can enjoy and take pride in.

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Lawn Care Services

  • Lawn Aeration

  • Lawn Seeding

  • Lawn Fertilization

  • Weed Control

  • Lawn Insect Treatment

  • Lawn Mite Control

  • Commercial Lawn Care

This Thornton Lawn Care Company Does Your Aeration and Seeding

A single weed can ruin the look of a manicured lawn, and thinning spots are often uglier than the weeds. Our lawn care service in Thornton relies on aeration to build a healthy root system, which thickens up your lawn. Our lawn service uses power seeding to make your lawn uniformly thick and healthy. A healthy lawn isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it also gives weeds nowhere to grow because they just can’t compete with your grass for the vital resources and nutrients.

Our Lawn Care Service in Thornton Will Handle All of Your Fertilizing

Fertilizer might be the single most important element of a healthy landscape, all because of the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen aids in rapid growth and the green color. Phosphorus helps create healthy root systems. Potassium assists the overall health of the grass, offering it stronger resistance from disease, drought and the cold. Our Thornton lawn care company will use the perfect fertilizer specific to your lawn and apply with our tried and true method, guaranteeing great results every time.

Keep Unwanted Critters Away with our Thornton Lawn Service’s Pest Control

There are insects like mites, cranberry girdlers and billbugs that live in your grass, eating the root systems. There are animals like moles, prairie dogs and pocket gophers that burrow underneath your lawn, damaging the root systems your grass worked so hard to put in place. Our lawn service technicians in Thornton have dealt with all types of pests. We implement a short-term target program to get the pests out. Then we implement a maintenance program, so they stay away.

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Lawn Doctor, our lawn care company in Thornton is ready for all your lawn, shrub, tree and pest control needs, regardless if the property is residential or commercial. We send an expert out to assess your property. No two properties require the same plan, so we customize an action plan specific to your landscape needs. Then for minimal effort and low cost on your end, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a healthy looking and lush landscape. Contact us today, and we’ll get started.