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For over 50 years, property owners have relied on our lawn care service and pest services for healthy landscaping with minimal effort and affordable pricing.

Thornton residents enjoy countless open-spaces and parks, maybe that is why we tend to put more emphasis on the beauty of our landscaping around our homes. That, and we just really seem to enjoy being in the outdoors. A properly landscaped property is a great place to spend an evening with the family, after all!

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The Humble Origins of Our Lawn Care Service in Thornton

Tony Giordano operated a hardware store in the 1960s in Matawan, New Jersey. Many Manhattanites moved to Matawan, never having had lawns before.They’d get lawn advice from Tony at his hardware store, where a local reporter gave him the nickname the “Lawn Doctor.” He would host workshops that quickly became standing room only. He founded Lawn Doctor in 1967 after being discouraged from seeing homeowners spend so much time and money on lawn care. The Thornton Lawn Doctor opened in 1972.

Premier Thornton Lawn Care and Tree Service Is Locally Owned

Lawn Doctor’s lawn care companies are locally franchised, so our owners and employees live in the communities in which we serve. That means we are proud to drive around and see the results of our lawn service and pest control throughout Thornton neighborhoods. It also means that we know the local climate. We know the grasses that work or don’t, and the pests and weeds that are common to the area. We enjoy working in the Thornton community because we are part of this community, too!


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Our Lawn Care Service in Thornton Offers Pest Control and Many Other Services

Our services aren’t limited to lawn care. We offer shrub and tree services, and even pest control! Our goal is to make your landscape stand out. A lawn without weeds or pests that is thick and healthy, trees and shrubs that are healthy and grow at optimal rates, and a lack of problem insects lurking around your property. We want you to enjoy your lawn in Thornton, to look forward to spending time there with family and friends while savoring life’s moments.

Contact Our Thornton Lawn and Tree Care Company Today

Lawn Doctor, our lawn care company in Thornton is ready for all your lawn, shrub, tree, and pest control needs, regardless if the property is residential or commercial. We send an expert out to assess your property. No two properties are treated with the same plan; we customize an action plan specific to your landscape needs. For minimal effort and low cost on your end, you will enjoy the benefits of a healthy looking and lush landscape. Contact us today, and we’ll get started.