Shrub & Tree Disease Treatment: Tree Disease Control & Treatment in Pueblo, CO

Pueblo’s Lawn Doctor is proud to offer tree disease control as part of our tree services. A sick tree or shrub can be a very sad sight and may mar the beauty of your Pueblo property’s landscape. Let the experts at Lawn Doctor keep an eye on your trees and shrubs and apply tree disease treatments to your Pueblo trees and shrubs as necessary.

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What Diseases Can Lead to a Need for Tree Disease Control

There are different types of diseases that may affect your Pueblo home or business’s trees or shrubs. The environment can cause some diseases, whereas others can be caused by infections. These infections can come about due to bacteria, fungi, viruses, and nematodes. A common cause of disease in trees and shrubs is insects. This is why we focus on pest control when caring for your Pueblo trees and shrubs.

Signs of sickness in your Pueblo Trees and Shrubs

The most visible signs of sickness in your Pueblo property’s trees and shrubs are spotty leaves and brittle bark. Sicknesses, particularly the insect-caused variety, they can take nutrients away from the tree or even eat the tree itself, causing it to fall apart from the inside out. Our Pueblo tree service will work to keep your trees and shrubs both healthy and strong.

Tree Disease Treatment in Pueblo

The best tree disease treatment is prevention and by treating your Pueblo trees and shrubs four times a year, you can keep your trees free of disease. Our tree services includes fertilization and pest sprays, giving your Pueblo property’s trees and shrubs the tools they need to repel most diseases and grow in a healthy manner. Don’t let poor maintenance condemn your trees and shrubs to disease and death, allow Lawn Doctor to regularly care and ensure that they grow to be lively and full.

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