Fertilizing the garden by bio granular fertilizer for better conditions of garden

Shrub & Tree Fertilization in Centennial, CO

From trees with leaves to trees with needles, fertilization assists in growing at ideal rates. Healthy plants and trees also resist disease and insects more naturally. We apply specially chosen nutrients to enhance the appearance and growth of your plants. If even one nutrient is missing, it can cause the death of your plant. Our tree fertilization experts know the diseases, illnesses and bugs around Centennial that can be dangerous for your plants, and we know how to treat them all.

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The Importance of Our Tree Service’s Initial Inspection in Centennial

Lawn Doctor offers a comprehensive initial inspection of your trees and shrubs to get an accurate picture of their condition. Then our specialist will develop a plan that is specific to your property, and that will allow your trees and shrubs to thrive. Lawn Doctor is locally owned, that is important because our technicians understand the conditions around Centennial. They know the bugs and diseases that infect trees here, and they know how to combat them.

Our Tree Fertilization Experts in Centennial Inspect for Diseases

Trees and shrubs that are healthy resist disease and insects more naturally. Disease and insect treatments go along with fertilization. A damaged or unhealthy tree won’t accept the fertilizer in the most effective way. Insects and disease can compete with trees and shrubs for vital nutrients in our fertilizers, so targeted pest control treatments are a vital part of our fertilization and the overall health of your plants. Our shrub fertilization experts are ready to handle all your plant health needs.

Thorough Tree Fertilization Service in Centennial

In most situations, our shrub fertilization technicians will make four visits to your property. The first visit is in late winter, we spray trees with eco-friendly, non-pesticide that targets insect eggs. The second visit is in early summer, we spray for aphids and mites. The third visit is in late summer, we spray for insects that damage foliage in the summer heat. The final visit is in late fall and nourishes your plants with nutrients not present in Centennial soil.

For Lawn Care, Tree Service and Insect Control, Call Our Experts in Centennial Today

Our trained professionals in Centennial are ready to handle your lawn care, shrub and tree services and pest control. Why not eliminate the extra chore of having to do your own lawn care service, and let us do it for you? We will inspect and assess your property to come up with a workable action plan. No two properties require the same treatment, so we customize the treatment for your specific lawn, tree and shrub needs. Please contact us today.