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Lawn Pest Control: Exterminator & Pest Removal Services in Thornton, CO

A healthy landscape around your Thornton property is a place to spend picnics and outdoor cookouts with family and loved ones, savoring the little moments life offers. But insects can crash those events, helping themselves to some food. Insects like mites are more interested in feeding on your landscape, causing extensive damage. Insects like mosquitoes and ticks carry illnesses transmittable to humans, so they are just plain dangerous. Our lawn pest control exterminators in Thornton will help decrease their presence on your property.

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Mites, Mosquitoes and Ticks in Thornton

Thornton has three main spider mites that feed on local turf, the clover, Banks grass, and brown wheat mite. They feed on your turf, causing brown spots often mistaken for ‘normal winter damage’ that will resolve itself. The clover mites can migrate indoors. Mosquitoes carry diseases like West Nile, encephalitis, microcephaly, and Zika. Ticks carry Lyme, Colorado tick fever, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It is best if these insects don’t exist on your property, our pest control company can help.

Thornton’s Moles, Holes and their Tolls

If you see a series of 3-to-5 inch dirt mounds with holes in the center around your lawn, you can probably blame moles. Moles are burrowing insectivores with a high tolerance for carbon dioxide that allows them to breath underground for longer than most mammals. Their tunneling kills the roots of your lawn, with long-lasting damage. Our lawn pest control company’s exterminators have been removing moles and repairing their damage since 1972. Call us today to avoid the headache.

Barrier Control by Thornton Pest Control Company

Our pest control company Lawn Doctor doesn’t offer only exterminator services, we offer preventative treatments like our perimeter pest control program that is designed to keep insects out of your house. We treat your foundation and any other areas that are tempting entry points with a chemical barrier designed to keep most Thornton insects from crossing. Our spraying is never done inside the building, meaning you don’t even have to be home for our application. But you’ll enjoy the benefits of the service.

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Lawn Doctor, our lawn care company in Thornton is ready for all your lawn, shrub, tree and pest control needs, regardless if the property is residential or commercial. We send an expert out to assess your property. No two properties require the same plan, so we customize an action plan specific to your landscape needs. Then for minimal effort and low cost on your end, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a healthy looking and lush landscape. Contact us today, and we’ll get started.