Lawn Mite Treatment & Pest Control in Thornton, CO

There are several species of spider mites that can damage turfgrass in Thornton. Most of the damage occurs early-to-mid spring and it can take years for lawns to fully recover. Our mite treatments in Thornton target the mites that are common in Colorado, including the ones damaging your lawn. Most mites can’t be seen without 10x magnification, so Lawn Doctor’s pest control experts know how to detect mites and recognize their damage so we can target the exact species of mites that are present in your lawn.

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Mites that Might Damage Thornton Lawns

There are three spider mites that are most common around homes in Thornton. Clover mites are the size of a pin head and are the most likely to migrate indoors. The Banks grass mite is the smallest of the other mites on this list that are also among the most destructive. Brown-wheat mites prefer locations away from trees and buildings. Lawn Doctor’s experts know how to recognize the damage mites cause, so our lawn mite treatments target the mites attacking your Thornton lawn.

Mites Be Gone

Spider mites are not true insects. They are classed as a type of arachnid and are close relatives of spiders, ticks, and scorpions. Therefore, our lawn mite treatment in Thornton must differ slightly from insect treatment. The initial assessment is the most important part of our process, where we identify that mites are present and which ones. Then we customize a pest control solution to your specific mite problem. We target them with our initial treatments so that our pest control maintenance treatments keep them away.

Free Mite Treatments with Spring Spraying in Thornton

Mite treatment is an essential part of building a healthy lawn. When our Thornton pest control technicians apply your first spring fertilizer and weed control sprays, we will include a complimentary miticide application. When used in conjunction with consistent lawn fertilization and frequent aeration, pest control will help expedite your lawn’s healing process—a lawn can’t heal if it is still being damaged. If the damage is too extensive, we will use our power seeding services to help your lawn recover rapidly.

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