Gardener Operating Soil Aeration Machine on Grass Lawn

Grass & Lawn Aeration in Thornton, CO

You may have seen farmers near Thornton out plowing their fields. Did you know they do it for the same reason that our lawn care professionals carry out lawn aeration services? Aeration, like plowing, breaks through the compacted soil on the surface of your yard so that water, air and essential nutrients can reach the root systems of your lawn. We know that if we line aeration up before fertilization, the fertilizer works better because it gets to the roots.

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Why Our Lawn Care Service in Thornton Believes in Lawn Aeration

There is often an impenetrable layer of compacted topsoil and grass thatch across the top of your soil that is starving your lawn’s roots of essential elements. Grass aeration punches holes through those layers to allow airflow, water and vital nutrients to reach the root systems of your lawn. When aerated, the lawn roots grow both deeper and thicker, which produces a stronger, more vigorous lawn. When fertilizing is combined with aeration, the nutrients in the fertilizer get to the roots.

How to Test if Your Lawn in Thornton Needs Grass Aeration

It’s compacted topsoil that determines need for aeration. If you have noticed the formation of puddles around your Thornton lawn, you need grass aeration. You can also perform a screwdriver test. Push a screwdriver into your soil. If it’s difficult to push in, your lawn could use aeration. If the screwdriver goes in easily, the only reason for aeration would be to bypass grass thatch, the layer of living and dead shoots and stems between the soil and grass blades.

When Our Lawn Care Experts in Thornton will Perform Lawn Aeration

The growing season is the best time in Thornton for lawn aeration. During that time, the grass can heal and fill the holes left when the plugs were pulled. Different grasses have different growing seasons. Cool season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass or ryegrass are best aerated in early spring or fall. Warm season grass like Bermuda or Buffalo grass do well when aerated in late spring. Our grass aeration experts will wait until the time is right for your specific lawn.

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