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Shrub & Tree Insect Treatment & Control in Pueblo, CO

Some of the most common problems faced by those who possess trees and shrubs on their properties are insect infestations. Luckily, Lawn Doctor offers tree insect control and shrub insect control services to combat these pests and keep your trees in good condition. Your trees and shrubs could be seriously damaged by an unchecked insect infestation, let our pest control experts take care of the security of your Pueblo property’s trees and shrubs.

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What Insects do to Your Pueblo Trees and Shrubs

Once insects begin attacking your home or business’s greenery, your trees and shrubs may develop brittle bark and spotty leaves. An insect infestation can also become an eyesore itself, as some infestations hang onto the outside of your Pueblo trees and shrubs. If left untreated an infestation can destroy your Pueblo trees and shrubs, ruining the look of your beautiful yard. Our tree insect control and shrub insect control services will keep insects away from your Pueblo property’s plants and keep them looking nice.

When we do Insect Control for Your Pueblo Plants

Our insect control treatments occur four times a year. When our experts arrive to your home or business in Pueblo, they will spray your trees and shrubs with our products, killing adult insects and preventing any nests from hatching. This schedule allows us to keep your trees and shrubs clean year-round as well as giving us an opportunity to make sure no new problems arise for your Pueblo property’s trees and shrubs.

How our Insect Control Treatment Treats the Problem

The product our experts will use on your Pueblo property’s trees and shrubs is eco-friendly. With each spraying, your Pueblo trees and shrubs are being freed from any new insects as well as any of their spawn that may have settled on your plants since our last visit. The consistent sprayings of your Pueblo home or business’s trees and shrubs will keep them insect-free and give them a chance to grow strong, tall, and beautiful.

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