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Mosquito Control & Exterminator in Pueblo, CO

At Lawn Doctor, we know that mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests out there for more than one reason. As part of our Pueblo pest control services, we also deal with mosquito removal and that’s something that separates us from our competition. Our experts will come to your Pueblo home and determine which of our treatments will be best for your home. Once the treatment has been applied and the mosquitoes are gone, you will be able to enjoy your Pueblo yard mosquito-free.

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Why Mosquito Removal is Important

It is important to get rid of mosquitoes as quickly as possible for the safety of your family, pets and yourself. Mosquitoes carry a vast array of diseases that can infect humans and pets alike. Mosquitos carry diseases like West Nile virus for humans or heartworm for your pets can be extremely dangerous, even to the point of death. That is why we are determined to defend your Pueblo home from mosquitoes so that you, your family, and your pets will be safe from such pests.

Mosquito Control Options for Your Pueblo Property

We have two options for mosquito control around your Pueblo home or business. The first option is what we will use for most cases. This is our Yard Armor treatment and it is a natural-based treatment designed to keep mosquitoes away from most Pueblo homes. The other treatment we offer is the Max Pro Grade treatment which is a more chemically-based treatment that is designed for use around properties that are near water or a greenbelt. Our experts will help you determine which treatment would be best for your Pueblo property and then we will get to work.

Consultation with Your Pueblo Exterminator

When an exterminator comes to your property to rid it of mosquitoes, they may also consult with you. This consultation will cover ways to protect your Pueblo home or business in the future from mosquitoes. Some of the things they will talk to you about may be trimming vegetation around your Pueblo home or business, using mosquito repellent plants, and eliminating breeding grounds. We want to help you make your Pueblo property safe and mosquito free for as long as possible.

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