Lawn Mite Treatment & Pest Control in Pueblo, CO

An insect that can create big problems for your Pueblo lawn is the mite. Mites hang out under the layer of grass, sucking up the nutrients that it needs to grow strong and healthy. At Lawn Doctor, we offer a lawn mite treatment that will protect and strengthen your yard. We can use our various mite treatment options to eliminate and keep them away from your Pueblo lawn, allowing it to grow and become absolutely beautiful.

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Why Are Mites Bad for Pueblo Lawns?

Mites are tiny insects no larger than the tip of a needle that take the nutrients away from the grass of Pueblo lawns. They prefer to live in the drier sections of lawns. Female mites will lay their eggs in the spring and those eggs hatch in the fall, beginning a full infestation. If left alone, these mites will damage your lawn and may eventually kill it. Our processes are designed to eliminate mites and keep them from causing problems for your lawn in the future.

When to Get Lawn Mite Treatment

The best time to have lawn mite treatment done is in winter. Since the eggs are laid in spring, wintertime is the best time to treat your Pueblo yard for them. If the fall and winter seasons are especially dry, then there is a larger chance of a large infestation. If your Pueblo yard is left untreated for mites, they may end up killing much of the lawn.

Mite Treatment for Your Pueblo Yard

Our pest control experts will examine your Pueblo yard and help you to determine which mite treatment option will best combat the infestation. We offer targeted treatment solutions in Pueblo, including our Beginner Life-Cycle treatment which is done in the middle of winter, or more intensive levels of treatment that include additional applications. These treatments are designed to not only help treat existing pests in your yard but prevent any from coming back.

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