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Shrub & Tree Insect Treatment & Control in Parker, CO

Lawn Doctor is the Parker area’s go-to shrub and tree insect control service provider. We utilize various methods to manage the insects that pose a threat to the health of shrubs and trees. We have a two-pronged approach to treating trees in Parker that have fallen victim to the Emerald Ash Borer and other boring beetles. You can rest assured knowing that our insect control methods use eco-friendly sprays and root injections in order to minimize any negative impact on the environment.

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Tree and Shrub Insect Control in Parker of Boring Beetles

The best defense against aggressive wood boring beetles is proactive and preventative shrub and tree maintenance. Parker’s Lawn Doctor implements a two-fold approach to rid tress of the Emerald Ash Borer. First, we conduct an annual soil injection to protect the tree from the inside, then we spray the trunk to target any beetles on the surface and prevent future infestations. We have successfully revived ash trees that have suffered as much as 40% damage.

Tree Insect Control in Parker With a Merit Soil Application

A Merit soil injection is a great way to protect your trees in Parker from the inside out. The Merit is injected into the soil at root level so that the tree absorbs the insecticide through the roots and travels throughout the tree’s vascular system. This type of shrub and insect control is great for trees that are too large or shrubs too dense to effective spray. Merit is especially effective at controlling aggressive wood boring beetles.

Environmentally Friendly Tree and Shrub Insect Control in Parker

Given that we are concerned about the environment, it is our preference at Lawn doctor to use all-natural insect control tactics. Our dormant oil spray coats insect eggs which prevents them from hatching, it is also all-natural and poses no threat to the environment. Since Merit soil injections only affect insects that feed directly on the tree, it poses no threat to beneficial pollinators in Parker, such as honeybees and butterflies.

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