Shrub & Tree Disease Treatment: Tree Disease Control & Treatment in Parker, CO

The most effective method of remedying tree disease is treating the specific type of tree suffering in Parker, this is why Lawn Doctor approaches tree disease treatment on an individual basis. Diseases typically do not kill trees outright, however, they do affect their health and appearances. A tree with yellow or dead spots can impact the appearance of your property and brittle branches can fall, damaging your home or cars around your home.

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Treatment of Tree Disease in Parker

Fungi are the main cause of disease in trees. These fungi thrive during the moist, warm, weather that accompanies the growing season in Parker; therefore, timing is key with tree disease control. If we can diagnose a tree before it begins to sprout new growth, impeding the spread of spore to other areas on the infected tree or neighboring trees. Our tree disease treatment comes in the form of surface sprays, root injections, and pruning—depending on the severity of the infection.

All-Natural Tree Disease Control in Parker

As a family owned and operated company in Parker, we hold the safety of your children and pets as a priority. Lawn Doctor’s tree disease treatments us all-natural fungicides because we believe that healing your trees should not come at the cost of negatively affecting the environment. This is why we always try to minimize the amount of human-made chemicals introduced to your landscape in Parker.

Quality Tree Services in Parker

In addition to the quality of our tree disease control service in Parker, we owe our over forty years of success to our first-class customer service. Our one-on-one approach ensures that we accurately determine precisely what is affecting your trees and our flexible scheduling prioritizes your convenience over ours. If on the off chance that a tree service in Parker is unsuccessful, we will retreat your tree for no additional charge.

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