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Mosquito Control & Exterminator in Parker, CO

More than an itchy nuisance to Parker residents, mosquitos carry a multitude of parasites and serious illnesses that can ruin the enjoyment of your landscape. Lawn Doctor will help you reclaim your yard from these flying pests with our mosquito control services. Not only will we provide mosquito removal, but will also treat your yard and suggest methods to prevent them from returning to or breeding on your property in Parker

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Yard Armor Mosquito Control in Parker

Lawn Doctor’s first line of attack against mosquito infestation in Parker is an all-natural spray known as Yard Armor. This spray is made of mostly cedar and peppermint oil and is extremely effective at controlling mosquitos (and ticks), creating an aromatic no fly zone. No only is Yard Armor effective at removing and preventing mosquitos from entering your yard, it has a pleasant smell, unlike chemically derived bug sprays. Our exterminators will spray this around the perimeter of your property in Parker and places where your friends and family like to hang in your yard, providing a sanctuary from mosquitos.

Max Pro Grade Mosquito Removal Services

Some mosquito infestations are severe enough that our primary spray is not enough. When this is the case, Lawn Doctor will move you up to our Max Pro Grade treatment. This is a chemically-based approach to mosquito removal that our exterminators recommend for properties in Parker that are near bodies of water, greenbelts, or are faced with an overwhelming infestation of mosquitos.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Pest Control

It is Lawn Doctor’s preference to use all-natural methods for mosquito control in Parker, yet we understand that our exterminators will require more heavy-duty products in some situations. It is our goal in these situations to minimize the number of applications that use human-made products, so that your family in Parker is exposed to concentrated chemicals as little as possible. In the end, the most chemical-free method of mosquito control is routine maintenance. We will help you remove stand water breeding ground, recommend repellent plants, and prune vegetation around your home in Parker.

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