Power Seeding for Lawns in Parker, CO

Grass seeding is an effective way to improve the looks of a Parker property’s lawn that has begun to thin out and or develop bare spots. Lawn seeding is often coupled with aeration because the plugs pulled out increase the chance of seeds sprouting. We will work with you one-on-one in order to determine the reasons behind the thinning and balding of your grass so that the new seeds will take root and create a thick, full, lawn. We offer two seeding methods to Parker residents: overseeding with aeration and ultimate power seeding.

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Aeration and Grass Overseeding in Parker

A cost-effective method to increase the density of your lawn as a whole in Parker is overseeding. We recommend overseeding be coupled with your routine aeration because your soil will be opened up, improving the probability of the seed coming in contact with soil, which is the key to healthy germination. Overseeding is also a viable option for reestablishing grass that has been edged out due to pressure from weeds.

Ultimate Power Seeding in Parker

Ultimate power seeding is a method of grass seeding that utilizes a machine to put a slit into grass were it mechanically plants a seed into to the ground. Power seeding is a more efficient form of lawn seeding than overseeding because it ensures that each seed comes in contact with the soil. Given that ultimate power seeding utilizes a special machine, it is also a proportionally more expensive form of lawn seeding. Thus, it makes more financial sense for use on smaller areas in your Parker lawn that have suffered extreme damage.

A Customer Service Focused Lawn Care Company

As a locally operated and family owned company, we take pride in offering world-class customer service to our clients in Parker. We offer flexible scheduling, so you do not have to worry about being pushed around our schedule, but rather receive the grass seeding service you need when you want it done. You can rest easy knowing that our lawn care experts with leave you with seeding services that will create a thick, healthy, yard that will make your Parker neighbors jealous.

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