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Mosquito Control & Exterminator in Littleton, CO

The mosquito is a very unpleasant summer guest that graces Littleton with its presence every year. Its hobbies include invading yards and wrecking summer fun with their bites, in addition to carrying mosquito-borne illnesses. At Lawn Doctor, we have made it our mission to rid the yards of Littleton of any mosquitos, now and in the future. Our highly experienced exterminators offer expert knowledge as well as quality treatments that aid in mosquito removal, providing our Littleton customers with a mosquito-free property. Do not learn to live with these pests surrounding your residential or commercial property, give us a call and let us take care of it for you!

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Keep Your Family Safe with Mosquito Removal in Littleton

There are not many positive things to say about mosquitos, if any. They wreak havoc on our customers’ Littleton properties, in addition to being carriers of a long list of potentially fatal illness to both humans and animals, a list that seems to grow longer every year. These illnesses include West Nile virus, malaria, dog heartworm, and yellow fever, plus many more. At Lawn Doctor, we continue to stress the importance of providing treatment for our customers’ Littleton lawns, providing the protection it needs from mosquitos in order to keep you, your friends and family, and your property safe.

Littleton’s Top Choice for Pest Control

After inspecting our customers’ lawns, we will then recommend a mosquito control treatment we feel will benefit their property most. There are two essential treatments we offer, the Yard Armor treatment, which is an eco-friendly mosquito spray designed to eliminate mosquitos and ticks on your property. The other treatment is our Max Pro Grade treatment, a stronger, chemical-based approach designed to help properties with severe pest problems that require prolonged mosquito control.

Preventing Future Mosquito Outbreaks in Littleton

It does not stop at mosquito treatment – preventative steps need to be taken in order to ensure there are no future outbreaks. Our exterminators will be able to provide further services and information regarding preventative measures, such as eliminating breeding grounds, trimming back vegetation, and utilizing repelling plants. Ask for a one-on-one consultation with our exterminators today, and we will help to deliver you quality mosquito removal treatments, as well as a long-term mosquito control plan.

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Be sure to give us a call here at Lawn Doctor for all your lawn care and pest control needs. We believe that every residential and commercial property should have the best care available to them, which is why we provide year-round service to the Littleton area. We have made it our mission to provide premium landscape services throughout Colorado. No job is too big or too small. So, if you are looking for naturally-based pest control treatments or wanting an entirely new lawn, talk to us today!