Gardener Operating Soil Aeration Machine on Grass Lawn

Grass & Lawn Aeration in Highlands Ranch, CO

As a Colorado resident, that likely means you spend a good amount of your time outdoors, and enjoy being able to be out in your yard. Unfortunately, using the yard can cause serious damage to grass that makes it unsafe territory and create a landscaping problem that you need professional help for. Save time and money with unbeatable lawn care from Lawn Doctor. Contact us to see how we can improve your Highlands Ranch lawn today!

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Premier Service with Highlands Ranch Lawn Care

In Highlands Ranch, lawn care is a high priority and has the standards to go along with it. That’s why Lawn Doctor not only offers quality work but top-of-the-line customer service as well. We offer things like free-retreatments, one-on-one technician care, flexible scheduling, and hassle-free payments in our customer service guarantee. We’ll also price match the lowest quote you receive from another company by five percent less. To see how you can get high quality lawn care from Highlands Ranch’s Lawn Doctor, call today!

Benefits of Doing Lawn Aeration in Highlands Ranch

Lawn aeration and seeding can deliver an impressive range of benefits to any Highlands Ranch residential and commercial property. Your lawn's roots will become stronger and better able to defend against insects, pests, and weeds. Aeration works to instantly redistribute vital water, air, and nutrients, improve fertilization efforts, and fortify lawns against heat and drought. Most importantly, Lawn Doctor's lawn aeration and seeding approach prevents future thatch buildup, which saves you money on landscaping long-term.

Solving Problems in Highlands Ranch with Grass Aeration

One of the most common problems in Highlands Ranch yards is thatch. Thatch is compact soil that suffocates grass roots, preventing growth and promoting unsightly bald spots. With our grass aeration services, thatch doesn’t have a chance! We systematically remove plugs of soil to alleviate soil compaction and encourage critical absorption of oxygen, nutrients, and water. For more info on how grass aeration can help your Highlands Ranch property grow lush and strong, contact Lawn Doctor!

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Be sure to give Lawn Doctor a call for all your lawn care needs. We believe that every residential and commercial property should have the best care available to them, which is why we provide year-round service to the Denver metro area. We have made it our mission to make landscapes look good and stay healthy. If you are looking for quality lawn care service, call to talk to us today!