Shrub & Tree Disease Treatment: Tree Disease Control & Treatment in Englewood, CO

Disease can ruin the appeal and investment of your trees and shrubs in Englewood. Most diseases are caused by Fungai and bacteria that target distressed plants. If left untreated, trees and shrubs can idea and that can not only be an eyesore but it can be damaging to your investment as well. They can be hard to diagnose, but the tree experts at Lawn Doctor have over 40 years of experience identifying and treating in Englewood. Don’t let your trees and shrubs succumb to disease and revitalize your yard with Lawn Doctor.

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Lawn Doctor’s Expert Tree Disease Treatment

Since 1972, Lawn Doctor has brought quality tree disease control to Englewood. Our tree professionals have years of experience identifying a range of diseases prevalent in Englewood. We have comprehensive programs to help to recover infected trees and boost the vitality of your other trees and shrubs to protect them. Lawn Doctor is the only provider of Proganix, a 93 percent natural fertilizer that’s uses probiotics to nourish trees and shrubs. We’ll use this revolutionary fertilizer to keep plants robust and shielded from disease.

Solutions for Tree Disease Control in Englewood

One of the biggest tools to help prevent against disease in your trees and shrubs is quality fertilizer. Weak and damaged plants are more susceptible to disease. Fertilizer can give your at-risk trees and shrubs thriving again to fight off disease. Our professionals in Englewood use a natural-based fertilizer that has probiotics to nourish stressed trees back to optimum health. Without pesticides and half the synthetics found in outdated fertilizers, Lawn Doctor products are eco-friendly and won’t endanger your family or pets in Englewood.

Providing Englewood With Reputable Tree Services

At Lawn Doctor, we have an unrivaled reputation for Englewood’s quality tree service. We’ve spent four decades serving our customers and have established a high set of standards when it comes to satisfaction. We’ve created an in-depth customer service policy that ensures Englewood residents get the most out of their tree disease treatments. With flexible scheduling, you choose the appointment time that suits you. Because Lawn Doctor believes you deserve tree disease control without the high costs, we will not only match any competitor’s price, but we will beat it by five percent and our hassle-free billing includes auto and pre-pay options.

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