Naturally sculptured flat top rocks from northwest Oregon are placed in a beautifully landscaped backyard among a variety of perennial evergreens and shrubs.

Shrub & Tree Care: Tree Fertilization, Disease Treatment & Other Tree Services in Englewood, CO

Trees and shrubs add natural splendor to any property in Englewood. But they aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. Trees and shrubs improve air quality and can increase your property value by to 28 percent, and that’s all the more reason to turn to Lawn Doctor. Our tree services maintain your trees and shrubs and keeps them healthy and thriving year-round. Lawn Doctor’s personalized service in Englewood gives you the best care with customer satisfaction that you can rely on.

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Tree & Shrub Care Services

  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization

  • Tree & Shrub Disease Treatment

  • Tree & Shrub Insect Treatment

  • Commercial Tree & Shrub Care

All Year Tree Care in Englewood

Lawn Doctor visits your property four times a year to provide comprehensive tree and shrub care. First, one of our tree specialists will come out in either late winter or early spring, whatever is convenient for you, to prepare trees and shrubs for the next season. We use non-pesticide dormant oil to prevent insect eggs from hatching. Next, we’ll visit your Englewood property around May or early August to inspect plants for additional bugs and diseases. Any issues are immediately treated to protect your shrubs and trees. We’ll return in August to do the same. By fall and winter, Lawn Doctor’s soil injections go to work, nourishing trees and shrubs to keep them strong during Englewood’s colder months.

Protect Your Trees and Shrubs

In Englewood, trees and shrubs face damage from harsh conditions, disease, insects, and much more. Get complete tree and shrub care from Lawn Doctor. Our Englewood tree experts have extensive knowledge to help your plants flourish. On top of our routine tree and shrub program, we offer other solutions to keep your plants looking their absolute best. We have numerous treatments to protect against insects and our deep root watering service can reverse damage and bring relief to weak branches.

Englewood’s Premier Tree Service Since 1972

Over our 40 years of operation in Englewood, Lawn Doctor has learned what it takes to keep both our lawns and clients satisfied. Our thorough treatments give the best shrub and tree care to your lawn’s features and if you ever have a problem, all you have to do is simply let us know. Lawn Doctor offers re-treatments, so Englewood residents always get effective results. We offer competitive pricing because we believe everyone should receive our excellent services, and that’s something that separates us from our competition. Lawn Doctor will match any competitor estimate and beat them by five percent.

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Be sure to give us a call here at Lawn Doctor for all your lawn care and pest control needs. We believe that every residential and commercial property should have the best care available to them, which is why we provide year-round service to the Denver area. We have made it our mission to provide premium landscape services throughout Colorado. No job is too big or too small. So, if you are looking for naturally-based pest control treatments or wanting an entirely new lawn, talk to us today!