Power Seeding for Lawns in Colorado Springs, CO

Sometimes your Colorado Springs lawn can become a bit sparse. Hot weather, heavy traffic, and pests can all take a toll on your Colorado Springs lawn. Grass seeding is the solution to your patchy grass problems. Our lawn care experts are ready to help you restore your Colorado Springs lawn to its former glory. Don’t let patchy grass make your lawn a major eyesore and allow Lawn Doctor to make it a beautiful place to be.

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What is Lawn Seeding?

There are two types of lawn seeding. The first is when you are planting a whole new Colorado Springs yard. Grass seeding in this case is a full process of timing, care, and maintenance of your Colorado Springs lawn. Our lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor know each step to take and will gladly take care of the process for you and your Colorado Springs lawn. The other type of grass seeding is overseeding. This is when you apply fresh seed to an already established Colorado Springs lawn.

The Benefits of Grass Seeding in Colorado Springs

The main reason for lawn seeding is to create a full and beautiful Colorado Springs lawn. This may take the form of redoing an entire lawn due to its extensive damage or overseeding to help fill in the dead patches. Many will have their overseeding done at the same time as their aeration services and fertilization. Even if your lawn isn’t terribly patchy but still seems thin to you, overseeding can help to thicken up your Colorado Springs lawn and keep it in top form for your enjoyment.

When You Should Seed in Colorado Springs

The question of when to seed depends on where you live and what type of grass you have. In Colorado Springs, it is recommended to have seeding done in either the fall or spring. This allows the seed to have the proper temperature to take root and the time to grow before either the icy cold of winter or the blazing heat of summer.

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