Lawn Mite Treatment & Pest Control in Colorado Springs, CO

The pest that is the biggest threat to your Colorado Springs lawn is the mite. If you notice your grass beginning to yellow as spring rolls around, you may have mites. Lawn Doctor can help you come up with a lawn mite treatment plan as part of your overall pest control plan, eliminating and preventing future mites in your Colorado Springs lawn. We want you to be able to enjoy your lawn without worry, so let us take care of those pesky mites.

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What Are Mites?

Mites are tiny bugs that like to live in the drier sections of your Colorado Springs lawn. No bigger than the tip of a needle, female mites lay eggs on your Colorado Springs grass blades and when they hatch, they suck out the nutrients from your grass. If left unchecked, a mite infestation can kill your grass, leaving patches of dirt behind. Those patches of dirt can ruin the look and feel of your Colorado Springs lawn and can also contribute to the poor health of your overall lawn.

When Are Mites a Problem in Colorado Springs?

Mites are a year-round pest, although treatment in Colorado Springs is mostly applied in the winter. Females lay their eggs in the Springtime and they hatch in the fall as things begin to cool down. If Colorado Springs’ fall and winter are dry, the infestation is likely to be larger. Keep an eye on your Colorado Springs lawn and look to see if some of your grass begins to yellow when spring rolls around. You may need a mite treatment included with your pest plan, and our team of professionals would be happy to arrange that for you.

What Are Our Mite Treatment Plans in Colorado Springs?

There are a few different options for lawn mite treatment in Colorado Springs. The simplest is our complementary mite treatment that is included with your first spring fertilizer and weed control application. Another option for pest control is our beginner life cycle & deluxe mite control treatment which is applied during mid-winter. This application is a hybrid lawn mite treatment, both attacking existing swarms and implementing preventative measures. At the next level of our lawn mite treatment, you will receive two additional deluxe treatments, one in early winter and one in late winter. These treatments will help your Colorado Springs lawn to be healthier as the new year begins.

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