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Lawn Insect Treatment & Pest Control in Colorado Springs, CO

At Lawn Doctor, we understand that sometimes when a lawn is having a hard time, it is actually due to insects. Insects can damage your lawn without you ever seeing them, leaving dead, brown spots all over your Colorado Springs lawn. We use pest control treatments to help get rid of insects that may plague your lawn. We will take care of the insects that may plague your lawn so that you can enjoy the beauty of your lawn.

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How We Handle Lawn Insect Control in Colorado Springs

We use state-of the art lawn insect control treatments on your Colorado Springs lawn to get rid of these unfriendly pests. A lawn bug treatment will be determined by our experienced lawn care professionals. These can range from a miticide to our natural pest control treatment. All of our lawn insect control treatments are designed to be effective and eliminate insects that may be underneath and causing harm your Colorado Springs lawn.

Mites: A Big Problem in a Small Package

The biggest insect enemy to a Colorado Springs lawn is mites. There are several different kinds of mites that may attack your Colorado Springs lawn. Hiding beneath the surface, mites will take in all the nutrients that your lawn needs to grow strong and kill your grass, leaving brittle brown patches in your Colorado Springs grass. Our miticides can be applied several times around the year depending on which plan you would like to go with, including a one-time treatment.

Other Insects That May Trouble Your Colorado Springs Lawn

A lawn bug treatment may also be applied to take out other insects that may be infecting your Colorado Springs lawn. The most common of these other insects that may attack your Colorado Springs lawn are webworms, billbugs, and grubs. These all can live underneath your Colorado Springs grass and destroy your lawn from within. Our lawn insect control plans can help eliminate these pest and prevent them from returning, keeping your Colorado Springs lawn beautiful and full for the foreseeable future.

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