Gardener Operating Soil Aeration Machine on Grass Lawn

Grass & Lawn Aeration in Colorado Springs, CO

One of our lawn care services that we proudly provide to Colorado Springs is lawn aeration. We use proprietary equipment and strategies to help your Colorado Springs lawn get the nutrients and care it needs to flourish. Grass aeration allows for your Colorado Springs lawn to grow healthy, strong, and beautiful. It is an important part of your lawn care and our lawn experts know how to best do your lawn aeration and care for your grass.

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What is Aeration?

At Lawn Doctor, we use proprietary equipment to remove plugs of soil from your Colorado Springs lawn to improve the absorption of nutrients and alleviate compaction. Having been in business since 1972, we have spent over forty years perfecting our grass aeration techniques and applying them to lawns around homes and businesses in Colorado Springs. This knowledge and experience allows us to use those techniques to perfect your Colorado Springs lawn, and that’s something we take a significant amount of pride in doing.

Why Aerate Your Colorado Springs Lawn?

Lawn aeration is a key part to lawn care in Colorado Springs. Over time, the soil in your lawn can become compacted. This is especially true if your lawn gets a lot of traffic, either from frequent visitors or playing children. When the soil becomes compacted, your grass can’t breathe or absorb nutrients very well, eventually killing it off. Grass aeration gives your lawn room to breathe and grow and keeps it from becoming stagnant and weak.

How Does Lawn Aeration Work for Your Colorado Springs Lawn?

Aeration allows for air, water, and essential nutrients to absorb properly into your Colorado Springs lawn. Much like human beings, when your Colorado Springs lawn receives the nutrients it needs, it can grow strong roots and those strong roots in turn can grow lush, beautiful grass. As long as your Colorado Springs lawn can breathe well, it will be become a beautiful and comfortable place for you to enjoy.

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