Shrub & Tree Disease Treatment: Tree Disease Control & Treatment in Centennial, CO

Trees and shrubs offer much more than cosmetic appeal. If trees and shrubs are healthy, they can improve air quality and enrich the soils in which they are planted. Some trees provide shade to a home, reducing overall cooling costs. Properly maintained and healthy trees and shrubs can even add to your property value. Our tree disease control experts in Centennial know how to bring your valuable trees and shrubs back to optimal health and how to keep them healthy.

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Diseases That Attack Plants Around Centennial

There are lots of diseases waiting to attack trees and shrubs around the Centennial area. Cytospora canker attacks aspen, cottonwood, ash, spruce and others. Fireblight attacks apple, crab-apple, pear, peach, and ash. There are multiple diseases threatening every type of tree. They can be spread by birds, wind, rain, insects and a variety of other ways. We train our tree disease control experts in all types of disease identification and treatment, so we can keep your plants in perfect health.

Keep Your Trees Healthy with Our Tree Service Maintainer Program in Centennial

Our tree and shrub maintainer program includes an inspection and evaluation, treatment applications for common diseases and insects, and micro-nutrient and fertilization application. Most trees and shrubs around Centennial benefit from our four-visit program, where we target different potential issues at four different times of year. During each visit, our tree disease treatment professionals inspect all your trees and shrubs so we can catch diseases early and keep those plants disease-free and healthy. Let us keep your plants happy.

Our Tree Disease Treatments in Centennial Are Part of Our Four-Visit Program

Most trees and shrubs benefit from our four-visit program. The first visit early in the year targets insect eggs to prevent hatching. The second visit is in early summer and focuses on controlling aphids and mites. The third visit is in the middle of summer, and targets insects that might damage your plants during the hottest part of the year. The fourth visit in late fall treats your trees and shrubs with vital nutrients not commonly found in Centennial soil.

For Lawn Care, Tree Service and Insect Control, Call Our Experts in Centennial Today

Our trained professionals in Centennial are ready to handle your lawn care, shrub and tree services and pest control. Why not eliminate the extra chore of having to do your own lawn care service, and let us do it for you? We will inspect and assess your property to come up with a workable action plan. No two properties require the same treatment, so we customize the treatment for your specific lawn, tree and shrub needs. Please contact us today.