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Weed Control for Lawns in Centennial, CO

Weeds. Every homeowner knows that just a single weed disrupts the appearance of a well-maintained lawn. And if you see one weed, there are surely more to follow. Lawn Doctor has almost 50 years of experience combatting weeds. Our weed control experts in Centennial analyze your lawn, soil and growing conditions to develop the best weed suppression program for your lawn. Our main goal is to get your lawn so healthy and thick that there simply isn’t room for weeds.

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The Types of Weeds That Invade Lawns in Centennial

Our lawn weed control professionals target the many weeds that thrive around Centennial. Grassy weeds that thrive in the same conditions as your grass, including crabgrass, goose grass and yellow foxtail. Broadleaf weeds have wider leaves and often flower, they include thistles, dandelions and clovers. Warm season weeds include spurge and nutsedge, and cool season weeds include chickweed and white clover. There are also annual weeds like foxtail and perennial weeds like quackgrass and bindweed. Our lawn care professionals know how to handle them all.

Proven Lawn Weed Control from Lawn Care Experts in Centennial

Just pulling a weed out isn’t enough to kill the weed. They appear removed, but if even a tiny part of the root remains in the soil, it’ll come back. Our lawn weed control technicians target weeds that are a problem on your property, then we build up a healthy and thick lawn—a great way to block future weeds from taking hold. In the end you will have a beautiful weed-free yard you can enjoy throughout the year.

Our Lawn Care Experts in Centennial Use Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Prevention is the key to long-lasting lawn health. When it comes to invasive plant life, it is always better to stop weeds before they sprout—stopped in their tracks before they can set roots and grow stronger. Our pre-emergent lawn weed control service in Centennial involves scheduled, routine preventative treatments and ensures your yard is protected against a range of weeds all year. Once a weed is in your lawn, it has gained a foothold and will percolate throughout your lawn.

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Our trained professionals in Centennial are ready to handle your lawn care, shrub and tree services and pest control. Why not eliminate the extra chore of having to do your own lawn care service, and let us do it for you? We will inspect and assess your property to come up with a workable action plan. No two properties require the same treatment, so we customize the treatment for your specific lawn, tree and shrub needs. Please contact us today.