Gardener Operating Soil Aeration Machine on Grass Lawn

Grass & Lawn Aeration in Centennial, CO

Lawn aeration is essential to the overall health of your lawn in Centennial. Farmers plow their fields for the same reason lawns need aeration—so that water, air and nutrients can get deep into the soil that is otherwise too hard. Grass aeration is most effective when the soil is moist, so watering your lawn a day or two before the aeration is ideal. But don’t get the lawn too wet or dry—both cause issues with grass aeration.

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Why Our Lawn Care Experts in Centennial Believe in Aerating

Lawn aeration puts holes in your Centennial lawn so that water, air and nutrients can reach the roots of your grass. This leads to better root systems and an overall healthier-looking and greener appearance. Grass aeration leads to improved rooting and increased shoot density and improves movement of air and water into compacted soils and past the surface grass thatch. Grass aeration right before fertilizing drastically increases the effectiveness of the fertilizer because it gets into the soil.

How to Test if Your Lawn Needs Aerating

In Centennial, if your soil is compacted it needs grass aeration. You can use the screwdriver or shovel test. If you can easily push a screwdriver or shovel into the soil, the only reason to aerate would be to bypass grass thatch. If it’s difficult to push a screwdriver or shovel into the soil, you need lawn aeration. Puddles forming on your lawn are another sign of soil compaction, and clay soils need to be aerated more than sandy soils.

Our Lawn Aeration Experts in Centennial Know When to Aerate

The best time for our lawn care experts in Centennial to aerate your lawn is during the growing season, when grass can heal, and fill holes left by plug removals. If you have cool season grass like ryegrass or Kentucky bluegrass, the best time to aerate is early spring or fall. If you have warm season grass like Buffalo or Bermuda grass, late spring is ideal. Our lawn care experts will aerate when it is best for your specific lawn.

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