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Who doesn’t love the appeal of a gorgeous landscape and the look of a healthy lawn? Since 1972, our lawn care service has become well-known for our natural lawn products, tree service and pest control in Centennial.

Our experts provide that gorgeous landscape and healthy lawn. We offer a plethora of other services including tree and shrub services, pH balancing, soil enrichment, fertilizing, weed control, insect control, disease control, power seeding, core aeration, and more.

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Well-Trained, Professional Technicians in Centennial

Lawn Doctor’s trained, skilled and experienced team of lawn and tree specialists in Centennial will first come out to evaluate your lawn, trees and shrubs. Our experts are trained to evaluate problems, assess them and then decide on a solution—a treatment plan. Every single treatment plan is different and designed specifically for the needs of your property. Our experts know that for lawn care services to be successful, they must start at the soil—and they do just that.

Let Our Experts in Centennial Handle Your Lawn Care, Pest Control and Tree Services

Your landscape is a big part of your property, and a massive part of the curb appeal of your home. Our experts are trained to keep it looking healthy and lush. We handle your property’s insect control, lawn care and tree services. We will heighten your turf’s production, eliminate dandelions and other weeds, repel unwanted visitors like insects, bugs and arachnids with integrated insect control, and more. Our services are year-round, landscapes don’t take time off and neither do we.


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Maintainer Services from Lawn Care Experts in Centennial

Keeping your lawn healthy is a year-long commitment. Our maintainer program combines our most popular and essential lawn care services into one convenient package. Our professionals in Centennial assess your property, then set up a specific maintainer care program for your needs. For lawn care service this includes fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, broadleaf weed control and integrated insect control. For shrubs and trees, it includes inspection and evaluation, treatment applications for common diseases and insects, and micro-nutrient and fertilization application.

For Lawn Care, Tree Service and Insect Control, Call Our Experts in Centennial Today

Our trained professionals in Centennial are ready to handle your lawn care, shrub and tree services and pest control. Why not eliminate the extra chore of having to do your own lawn care service, and let us do it for you? We will inspect and assess your property to come up with a workable action plan. No two properties require the same treatment, so we customize the treatment for your specific lawn, tree and shrub needs. Please contact us today.