Shrub & Tree Disease Treatment: Tree Disease Control & Treatment in Castle Rock, CO

Tree disease treatment is only effective when catered for the specific type of tree affected. This is why Lawn Doctor approaches each tree disease treatment on an individual basis in Castle Rock. While most tree diseases will not kill the tree outright, they will affect the appearance and overall health of the tree. A tree with a yellowing or bare crown does not look great, and the exposed death branches pose a threat to your Castle Rock home or property.

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Treatment of Tree Disease in Castle Rock

The diseases that trees suffer from are usually caused by fungi that thrive during wet, warm, weather that coincides with the growing season in Castle Rock. Proper timing is essential to tree disease control because if we diagnose the infected areas before the growing season, we can stop new growth in those areas to hinder the spread of spores. Depending on the type of disease that is harming your trees we will control the disease with topical sprays or injections into the roots.

All-Natural Tree Disease Control in Castle Rock

Being a family owned and operated company means that we put the safety of your children and pets above all else. Lawn Doctor used all-natural fungicides to treat the diseases affecting your Castle Rock home’s trees. We believe that tree disease treatment should not affect the surrounding eco-system, and as such we limit the amount of synthetic chemicals used in our tree services.

Quality Tree Services in Castle Rock

Beyond the quality of our tree disease control in Castle Rock the key to our nearly fifty years of success lies in the fact that we put our customers first. Our one-on-one approach makes sure that we know exactly what you want and need from your tree service in Castle Rock. We keep our scheduling flexible and work around your schedule instead of forcing you into ours. If any tree disease treatment proves to be ineffective, we will retreat them at no additional cost.

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