Naturally sculptured flat top rocks from northwest Oregon are placed in a beautifully landscaped backyard among a variety of perennial evergreens and shrubs.

Shrub & Tree Care: Tree Fertilization, Disease Treatment & Other Tree Services in Castle Rock, CO

Trees and Shrubs are a valuable part of any Castle Rock home’s landscaping. Not only do they improve the overall aesthetic of a home, but they improve air quality and can reduce cooling costs. Like any living thing, trees and shrubs require regular maintenance and checkups. Lawn Doctor will put together a year-round tree service program to keep your trees and shrubs healthy for years to come.

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Tree & Shrub Care Services

  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization

  • Tree & Shrub Disease Treatment

  • Tree & Shrub Insect Treatment

  • Commercial Tree & Shrub Care

Year-Round Tree and Shrub Care in Castle Rock

Lawn Doctor’s year-round shrub and tree care program begins in late winter and carries into early spring where our tree service specialists prepare your trees for the spring thaw with an eco-friendly, non-pesticide dormant oil to prevent insect eggs from hatching. Next, we will visit in late spring to early summer, when the weather is ideal for pest to invade. Our arborists will check for destructive and invasive insects as well as signs of diseases. Our third visit comes at the end of summer in late August to control aphids and mites. Our final yearly visit comes in the fall to prepare your Castle Rock trees or shrubs to go dormant through the winter.

Wood Boring Pest Control for Castle Rock Trees and Shrubs

Wood boring insects are a major threat to many tree species in Castle Rock. The two main concerns are the ash borer and bark borer. Lawn Doctor provides Castle Rock with proactive tree care and shrub care to effectively guard your trees from these destructive beetles. Even if you believe your trees are beyond help, our tree service experts have successfully recovered trees and shrubs that have been 40 percent damaged.

Providing Castle Rock With Deep Root and Fertilization Tree Services

As part of our tree and shrub care, Lawn Doctor power injects a probiotic at the root-level to help nourish your woody plants by redistributing soil components, which ultimately improves nutrient uptake. This process helps give your trees and shrubs the nutrients that are absent in Castle Rock’s natural soil. Lawn Doctor also provides deep root watering to help through times of below average precipitation. Tree roots are great at finding water and during a drought, the water they find could be inside the plumbing of your Castle Rock home or business. Our deep root water helps keep your tree roots from destroying your plumbing by providing them a water source so their roots do not have to search for it.

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