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Weed Control for Lawns in Aurora, CO

The sudden debut of weeds on your lawn is not a happy sight for any Aurora property owner. As weeds begin to spread, they compete with the healthy grass for sunlight and nutrients, making it harder for the lawn to survive. Here at Lawn Doctor, our technicians are experts on the treatments needed to remove them weeds and keep them from showing back up. With services for our lawn weed control and customized treatment plans, we can ensure the removal of even the most stubborn weeds from your Aurora yard.

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Lawn Doctor’s Weed Control Services

Our services begin with an inspection of the Aurora residential or commercial property. After the assessment we can form a proper idea of the kinds of weeds found and begin to formulate a plan of action tailored to our findings. A few of the most common types of weeds that our technicians treat are, grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds, warm-season and cool-season weeds, and annual and perennial weeds. At Lawn Doctor, our technicians have deal with hundreds of different species of weeds and can use their expertise to provide custom lawn weed control treatment plans for your Aurora lawn.

Customized Control Plan for Your Aurora Lawn

The weed control services we provide in Aurora are designed to meet different needs depending on the current condition of the lawn. We provide customized services throughout the Aurora area, with unique weed control plans generated by our expert technicians. Lawn Doctor also offers a program for year-round care that includes anywhere from six to eight treatments to ensure all weeds have been fully eliminated.

Preventive Lawn Care Methods in Aurora

Preventive care is often the key to ensuring lasting health of your Aurora yard. By using Lawn Doctor’s weed control services and annual preventative treatments, your yard will be protected throughout the year by our landscaping technicians. Our goal is to stop all weed growth at our customers’ properties and make sure they do not return. Do not wait to call us after weeds have already appeared, call us today and we will get your preventative weed treatments started!