Gardener Operating Soil Aeration Machine on Grass Lawn

Grass & Lawn Aeration in Aurora, CO

When living in Aurora, you hope to spend most of your time outdoors enjoying the Colorado weather. However, the heavy use of your yard could have a negative impact on the lawn’s overall look, feel, and general wellbeing. High amounts of foot traffic can create compacted soil and thatch build-up, leaving roots without their necessary nutrients. At Lawn Doctor, our landscaping technicians specialize in providing lawn care services to help maintain the overall health of lawns in Aurora through special treatment and preventative solutions. If you are looking to revitalize your yard, talk to us today to we will see what we can do for you.

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Dealing with Compacted Soil and Thatch

Thatch, which is a mixture of dead and living stems and roots, and compacted soil are some of the most common reasons our Aurora grass aeration services are needed. These two problems add a layer of unhealthy weight to your lawn, impacting your yard because the soil is unable to receive the nutrients and water needed to properly survive. If thatch and compacted soil go untreated, your grass could suffocate and your yard might be killed off entirely.

Quality Choice for Lawn Aeration Services in Aurora

At Lawn Doctor, our aeration services offer a wide range of benefits to both residential and commercial properties in Aurora. These improvements can range anywhere from the redistribution of water, air, and nutrients, to protecting against diseases that can affect your lawn. Our grass aeration services in Aurora also prevent any future thatch build-up, bringing your yard back its original health and keeping it looking healthy year-round, especially for the warm summer weather.

Aurora Lawn Care Company You Can Count On

We are a locally owned and operated company, with over 40 years of service throughout the Aurora community. The lawn aeration services our customers receive are handled by our qualified technicians who truly understand the process of aerating properties and use equipment that has been specially designed for our protocols. We aim to constantly achieve successful results for all the Aurora lawns we work on, while providing quality lawn care and customer service.