Lawn Mite Treatment & Pest Control in Arvada, CO

There are lawn mites in colorful Colorado. You might not notice them because they are tiny creatures. Even though they’re small, their damage is big enough to see. They can ravage your Arvada lawn, leaving you with difficulties that might take a lot of time to fix. We want to prepare you to combat these pests. There are four specific types of lawn mites that plague Arvada lawns. You should know about all of them so you know what kinds of pest control work against the delinquent insects.

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Clover Lawn Mite Treatment in Arvada

These mites are smaller than a pin and therefore very difficult to see. They breed on lawns from autumn until early May. If you leave them to their own devices, they will infest your house, particularly on warm autumn or spring days. Clover mites infest walls, curtains, rugs, couches, and chairs. Even worse than the damage they do indoors is the damage they do outside in your lawn. The more clover mites you have in your lawn, the more your lawn will die. Lawn Doctor specializes in mite treatment and is ready to help you right away.

Banks Grass and Brown Wheat Lawn Mite Treatment

These types of lawn mites will damage your Arvada lawn rapidly, killing it if you don’t get lawn mite treatment. These pests thrive in Arvada’s summer heat, threatening your lawn throughout most of the season. Look for grass that resembles straw to determine if you have banks grass mites on your Arvada property. In the early stages of a growing infestation, grass is characterized by white flecking. Once these mites control a lawn, they damage it swiftly. Quickly and without much notice, mites transform your Arvada lawn from stressed to dead. Lawn Doctor has mite treatment that can help. Distinct from clover mite damage, brown mites, appear in the spring causing your Arvada grass deteriorate away from your property. Your Arvada lawn will turn brown in these areas but can recuperate if fertilized properly. Lawn Doctor’s pest control program can help.

Winter Grain Lawn Mite Treatment in Arvada

Winter Grain mites are an aggravation to Arvada lawns. Their short life spans allow the hatching of two generations of mites from September to April, with the inhabitants dying in the summer heat. Damage from winter grain mites looks silvery gray, with heavy damage turning grass blade tips brown. They will often dig several inches into the earth beneath the grass.

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